Asbestos Removal Blackpool

Asbestos Removal is quite a dangerous job. Don’t try to do it yourslef. Protect your family and yourself. Let us do the dirty job. We have more than 20 years experience behind us.

Hi We are Asbestos Removal Blackpool and we are here to help the locals to get rid of the hazardous mineral from homes and even commercial properties.

We hold a standard HSE asbestos licence that allows us to do the most dangerous asbestos removals in the UK. Friable asbestos removal especially dangerous. Only licensed asbestos contractors can carry out sucha job with insurance.

asbestos removal Blackpool

How much asbestos removal cost in general?

The price you can expect for a standard size of garage roof removal is around £350 and if you need a whole garage to go is around £850.

In average asbestos removal price that exclude the strongly friable type of asbestos material is £20/m2.

While there are more complicated cases when we need to open walls and get rid of AIB (asbestos insulating board) and other asbestos elements which will get the precise pricing after an asbestos survey.

Luckily we have our inhouse surveyor who helps us speed up the job twice as other companies. Our prioeity is your safety, but we also work very fast and clean. Every asbestos removal includes asbestos disposal service as well, so you don’t need to worry about call the council for further action. Don’t shop around, we take care of your asbestos project in one roof.

Do ypu have a special case? – No problem. We are working on domestic, commercial and even huge industrial projects also.

We don’t have too small or too big job. We have a mission to get rid of asbestos from your property so you can keep working and building your dream. Get asbestos out of the way and give us a call on 01253-335773.

Do I need a licensed asbestos contractor?

Asbestos removal not all the same. Some work does not require license.

The good news is, licensed contractors should not charge you more, but they should take care of you in a higher standard due to its proficient traning and proffesional manner.

You can just win with licensed asbestos companies. Why? – We were call not once because the non licensed company couldn’t handle the job for the client. In some cases it look lik you don’t need a licensed asbestos expert, but while people at work , they realize: things go wrong, asbestos exposure raise above the limkt where licensed workers needed. It happens vey often with AIB removal, because it is time sensitive. Following the Asbestos regulations asbestos contractors should know what to expect. But clearly… sometimes it is not the case.